Amber for my Aunt shirt

Amber for my Aunt shirt

Everything that happens in the Amber for my Aunt shirt, no need to be so forgiving, day after day, then there will be a moment of amber color. Wikipedia says: “Amber is a yellowish orange, called a material of amber (a perennial fossil used for jewelry.) Although it is not is a mineral but it can be used as a gem). As such, amber is hard as a rock form. When we remember the “memory of amber”, it turns out that memory is durable, silent in the thin appearance, to how much. My Aunt loves the color of amber, it seems to mention My Aunt, then I think of amber, or vice versa. My Aun has amber eyes, always exudes speed, smart and mischievous. It’s a bit cold, but it’s warm in there, so people want to rush to the side.

Amber for my Aunt shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Amber for my Aunt Sweater
Amber for my Aunt Hoodie
Amber for my Aunt Guys tee
Guys tee
Amber for my Aunt Ladies tee
Ladies tee

My Aunt, too, always seems cold but in fact, her Amber for my Aunt shirt is very warm, always interested in people, like amber, so as the life of hump. My aunt thinks amber is a living form (resin) to feed an organism. Then when it comes out, it will freeze, fossil, into a clear color, beautiful people can be compared, visualization, use. like My Aunt, beautiful, full of life. And I want to wear I Wear Amber For My Aunt T-Shirt as a reminder to My Aunt, who has been loving me like my mother, I am always grateful to My Aunt. I Wear Amber For My Aunt T-shirt for My Aunt, my second mother.

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