A couple months later, things escalated and my mom couldn’t hold back anymore. I came home from school the afternoon before Christmas vacation started. In my take-home folder, there was a packet of 200 math problems assigned by Mrs. C. The problems were to be completed over break. My mom was livid. She believed that was rest time to renew my growing brain.

My mom threw my sisters and I in the car and sped back to the school. She exited the car with the math packet in hand just as Mrs. C was exiting the building. She asserted her point to my 4th grade teacher.

Mrs. C rebutted that we needed to keep practicing math problems so we didn’t forget how to complete them long-hand. My mom wasn’t having it and she told Mrs. C I wouldn’t be doing the assignment. As my mom walked back to the car, she ripped the papers into shreds and tossed them into the nearby garbage can.

My mom being the woman she is advocated for me and my struggles with math. In 5th grade, it was written into my IEP (individualized education plan…what they use to make accommodations for kids with disabilities in schools) that I could use a calculator on all assignments.