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The answer is actually quite simple. They do not. Being superior to the Dad of girls outnumbered shirt total population (or wherever you get it from) does not mean the actual number of soldiers a country can join. So let’s look at the actual numbers. During the Arab-Israeli War of 1948, with an initial Israeli militia of 10,000 and by March 1949, they had a total of 115,000 soldiers on the battlefield. The Arab states, meanwhile, have deployed a 2,000-strong militia to 70,000 by the end. Moreover, the Arab states were forced to coordinate many armies from the newly created different states. So in the end, Israel won thanks to better numbers, better organization, and the fact that they were fighting for the survival of their new country.

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The Six-Day War was another matter – with Israel having 264,000 troops compared with 547,000 Arabs. Israel is proud of better equipment at this time, based on French and American documents compared to the Dad of girls outnumbered shirt  Soviet Union. This is useful when generating a smaller force compared to a larger force. They are equipped with units specially designed to address quantity on quality. And again, organization is a big factor – Israel only has to coordinate an army. But above all, Israel won because it launched a preemptive attack against its Arab neighbors.

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