Official Dad’s tool rules shirt (New 2018)

Official Dad's tool rules shirt (New 2018)

Thanks, daddy for giving me the tools and rules to help navigate through. This Dad’s tool rules shirt is a special gift. THIS life the butt whippings with a side of the (claw) insider If I tried to run away. LAWDY THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE IS PRICELESS MISS U LIKE CRAZY MY DADDY

Dad’s tool rules shirt, hoodie, and sweater

Official Dad's tool rules Hoodie (New 2018)
Official Dad's tool rules Sweater (New 2018)
Official Dad's tool rules Ladies Tee (New 2018)
Ladies Tee

This Dad’s tool rules shirt of mine there was a meme on Facebook the other day that said “give me one word that your Dad taught you” I wanted to share it, the only problem was I wasn’t able to follow the rule of one word. My Daddy has taught me so much in life and given me the greatest tools to not only build up and make my little family work but I feel I am able to inspire and teach the wisdom and lessons he passed on to me.

Believe me when I say we have had our challenges, we are both extremely strong-willed, if we put it politely, but at the end of the day I know he is there as my Daddy when I was little, as my Dad when I was teenager and as my friend and pillar of strength and support now as an adult. I love you Daddy happy 50th – you’ve done pretty fantastic when I look at Mommy, me and Tyler haha but totally in your own right you have achieved a mountain of things and so proud to call you my Daddy, Happy 50th – feel young Ol’ Man!

Dad’s tool rule shirt – How to properly interrupt an elder from its activities with respect?

Official Dad's tool rules Tank Top (New 2018)
Tank Top

I know it drives you nuts. The very second you get on your things, kids in the house need something. While they are spewing their needs at you, you are secretly hoping you can crawl into a hole. There is a simple and effective solution. With a little training, you can fix this! Model respectful communication & attentive listening. Practice interrupting skills and waiting skills. Explain to your child that you will be busy, that you will pay attention to them when you are done.

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