Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘slide job’ shirt

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'slide job' shirt

Look at this Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘slide job’ shirt was sold to support Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale is one of NASCAR representatives Dale Earnhardt Jr.. the son of the former NASCAR champion 7 times. He has voted “Best NASCAR Racer” for 14 years and may still vote. However, Dale’s empire is about to end when he retires at the end of the 2017 season. Being a dangerous sport requires skill, skill, agility, so sports racing always appreciated. Sponsors are also spending a great deal of money on this sport, and especially the “car racing players” bring glory to the team. They will pay well worth it, so All the champions are rewarded with a huge reward. That’s absolutely a Florida thing lol great job on NBC sportsman …slide job slide job. NBC best choice ever putting Dale Jr in the booth!! I am so going to love this second half of the season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘slide job’ shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'slide job' Guys tee
Guys tee
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'slide job' Hoodie
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'slide job' Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'slide job' Sweater
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 'slide job' V-neck

Official Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘slide job’ shirt

Dale Jr. you are a breath of fresh air in the booth! NBC needed that! Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘slide job’ shirt purchased by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Thanks for jumping on board! I haven’t had time to really watch nascar. But I saw the post that replayed thDale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘slide job’ shirt end of that race last weekend. I thought it was cool to see someone so excited about racing in the booth. I feel that the other announcers are decent but no tnot much excitement from them sometimes I think Jeff Gordon is doing great, but the combination of Jr and Steve are better. And so I think Fox needs a recent crew chief to partner with Gordon. Jr’s enthusiasm is great and his knowledge is perfect. JR, please don’t allow LaTarte to lead you to blow a lot of hot air .follow and talk about what is happening on the track. Please.

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