Don’t Say Nothing To Me Shirt

Don't Say Nothing To Me Shirt

I think you missed the entire point. Don’t Say Nothing To Me Shirt. The senator was saying hey asshole you expect us to respect your privacy ok fine, but yet you don’t give your Facebook users the same level of respect for theirs? It was actually a brilliant way to make a point. But the Facebook users agreed to it. Zuckerberg might not have explicitly agreed to have his privacy violated by the senator. Yeah, because everyone reads the Terms & Agreements fully. I don’t think you’ve read the whole Terms & Agreements when signing up your reddit account neither of your FB accounts.

When you say nothing are you saying anything?

Our own indeed. But people didn’t sign up to Facebook to get their privacy violated. They signed up to “stay connected”. At least that’s what they thought. People use drugs to have a good time, not to get addicted. If people are stupid and don’t know the consequences of their actions is their fault. One could argue that using a said app is a benefit of them using your data. Many apps would probably have to use more ads or go pay2use if they didn’t use that. Not saying it’s good or bad though. Teams and conditions aren’t legally enforceable most of the time. In court, you can just state the obvious, which is that no one ever reads terms and conditions, thus both parties are only entitled to what is obvious and not what is written. In this case, it means Facebook must do a reasonable job of protecting the user’s privacy, even if it says the opposite in the terms and conditions

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Your logic would follow that Americans “agreed” to this because we opted into a representative democracy and our representatives passed this bill.  No. It is different – if you live in a country you didn’t make an explicit action to agree to have your privacy violated. In a way, if you live in that country you have no other choice. No one needs to be on Facebook. These people that choose to be on Facebook choose to voluntarily give up their privacy and personal data. It was their explicit choice. there isn’t one yet, its quite that simple. using an intermediary fiat system like the dollar or whatever else have you automatically introduces fraud, corruption, etc.

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that’s why the only viable way to handle finances is amusingly enough through the barter system (good luck getting an equivalent store of value) or through a trustless system like crypto where no one entity is ever in power, its based on the consensus of data because data doesn’t lie. People voluntarily use Facebook and permit themselves to its data collection policies. Now the government, on the other hand, is a whole different story. While this mostly true, Facebook has been collecting data from people who don’t even use the site through people’s contacts, etc.

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