Hellraiser, though classified as a series of mass murder horror films, has a different layout and ideology than previous films. Pinhead is a very spooky and creepy character. He is the leader of evil monsters who always want to drag others to hell. Pinhead has a supernatural ability and rarely attacks opponents with bare hands. Instead, he often used chains and sickles to drag victims while they were screaming and struggling in vain.

Released in 1987, until now more than 30 years, the film has gone through 9 parts and still hit. Hellraiser: Judgment is the tenth film, hosted by Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Bloody Disgusting). However, instead, they fall into a maze of crime and are judged by the evil “judges”.

The trailer brings a series of horrific torture to the characters. Not only “Ghost nails”, Hellraiser brought to the evil killers than ghosts. It can be said that, compared with Jigsaw’s corpse in sequel Saw, the Pinhead guy could also call “one nine one ten”. Certainly when watching the trailer of Hellraiser: Judgment, viewers are both scared and feeling “tickled” with dozens of nails on the faces of the killer and victim.


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