Fear the beer shirt

Fear the beer shirt

Besides the golden beer. Fear the beer shirt. Cool and cool, you also enjoy the Bavarian delicacies like sausage, roasted salted pork buns; Watch the magic show; play traditional games … Many people have heard of the world-famous beer festival originated in Munich, Germany – Oktoberfest. For beer lovers, the annual festival of more than 200 years is a real paradise. Germany is home to more than 1,300 mills and more than 5,000 different beers, from draft beer to bottled beer. Thus, Germans are often proud of the culture and art of beer. For them, beer is not only a simple drink but also a symbol of culture, “national soul of the country”. T-shirt design near like me American. Today, German beer remains at the top of the world market for quality standards, produced in strict compliance with German beer standards. In Germany, there are separate laws.

What do you know about the world’s largest beer festival – Oktoberfest?

Reinheitsgebo Act. in beer production, derived from standard regulations. Gebot. Of the types of ingredients that make beer. including water, barley, hops, and yeast. Over the centuries Gebot has been considered the standard of purity for beer. In Germany, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fine wines from reputable breweries, of which the three most popular beer in Germany today are Bitburger. Fear the beer shirt. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, and Oktoberfest. However, the beer at the Oktoberfest festival is quite different from other beers in that it tastes better and contains less CO2. This beer is very easy to drink and can make you forget how fast you drink and more than normal. This is a rare opportunity, that most people “connoisseurs” around the world can not ignore the occasion.

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From the end of September, when the mild sunshine of autumn falls on the city of Munich. The capital of Bavaria, Germany. It also the largest Oktoberfest beer festival in the world held at the Theresienwiese park. 16 days, attracting millions of tourists around the world to come. Guests will be immersed in the jubilant air of the festival and enjoy the special beer from the land of long traditions of brewing. Entering the festival grounds, visitors will be overwhelmed by the bustling scene that is celebrated solemnly. Here, gather more than 30 beer tents with hundreds of kiosks, entertainment areas, sandwiches and sausages … erected to serve tourists both day and night. Each tent has about 1,000 seats but is always crowded. According to the rules, the beer tents here will be open from 10 am to 23 pm every day during the festival.

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Separate weekends and holidays will be open sooner than an hour. Fear the beer shirt. Nowhere in the world is beer as cheap and popular as in Germany. On average, a German can consume 130 liters of beer per year and every year the Germans hold beer festivals in September and October with the finest beers. The beer festival also attracts visitors by traditional candy stores selling gingerbread hearts. You can choose words or words as required. Oktoberfest, also known as the “October Festival”, was born in Munich in 1810 to honor the wedding of Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe. -Hildburghausen. During the wedding, all the people here invited to eat. Dance and have fun with the Royal Family.

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