Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas Sweatshirt

Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas Sweatshirt

The difference is Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas Sweatshirt huge (no pun intended). IG is a relatively small fragile – broken leg is relatively common. I don’t yet own an IG but know the two IG owners and they told me that IG is very sensitive, very sensitive dogs. Hounds are large dogs. Surprisingly, in my experience, they are less active than IGs. Adult hounds are great flat dogs. They need 2 20 minutes to walk every day and a sunny place to nap. Rarely barking, very docile (unless they chase a small animal like a rabbit or a mouse).

Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas tank top

IG also tends to Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas Sweatshirt have more health problems than Greyhound. To be honest with anyone considering these two breeds, do not think of the name “hound”, it will imply that these are similar dogs with one breed larger than one. Instead, think of “sight” (greyhounds) and “toys” (as fragile) for IG. They have very different needs and preferences but only share the name “hound” in the breed. Yes, there is a toilet on the Greyhound bus.

Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas tank top
tank top

But I will only use them as a last resort. These bathrooms can become quite uncomfortable quite quickly. Even if you are trying to use them properly, you can easily create a mess because the bus is moving, turning, crashing into potholes, etc. There is no washbasin in the bathroom just a toilet and sometimes some toilet paper and paper towels. So don hope to rinse or wipe off after using them. I often try to use the bathroom at Greyhound stations or during food breaks at Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas Sweatshirt gas stations and fast-food restaurants.

Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas sweater, hoodies

Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas sweater
Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas hoodie

At least there you have tap water, cleaner equipment (usually) and proper toiletries to clean afterward. I’m glad they have bathrooms on buses because I have to use them in emergency situations when I can’t hold it any longer but I’ve kept my nose all the time and try not to touch anything in the Feliz Navidog Greyhound Christmas Sweatshirt bathroom lol. I made a Youtube video of the bathrooms on Greyhound buses and at Greyhound bus stops going into more detail on this topic.

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