First to 100 boston red sox 2018 shirt

First to 100 boston red sox 2018 shirt

That is a simple matter of mathematics. First to 100 boston red sox 2018– if not more. The Red Sox will win 100 games this year. Maybe more than 100. Maybe more than they have ever had in a single season in their 118-year history. Give me any suggestion that this might be a cunning affair. The Red Sox is not jinxed, or cursed, and if you ever believe they did, you should have overcome it during the great exorcism of October 2004. Math should be your best friend. iron your here. The Red Sox had the best baseball record – 68-30 – in the All-Star game. Yeah, it was pretty surprising. Only 4th time ever. The team record is 105 in 1912, so with 16 games left, this team will likely end up having the most wins in franchise history.

So the Sox would have to have a perfect record for the rest of the season to match that, and wouldn’t be able to beat it. Oh well. There’s always next year. It wasn’t that hard to believe after they steamrolled us and left us fluttering like a cartoon pancake. The Braves are good. We just went 6-1 on a West Coast road trip. We never really looked competitive with the Red Sox. They’re going to win the World Series. We have tough matchups against almost all the teams that could potentially end up in the AL playoffs. The World Series I’m actually not as worried about; the Red Sox always seem to play interleague opponents very well for whatever reason. Anyone of the Indians, Astros, Athletics, Yankees, and corner case here but not out of the realm of possibility. Rays could give us fits though.

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We’ve done it before. It’s not that exciting. All that happens is people complain about missing something called the “playoffs” by 1 game. And First to 100 Boston red sox 2018 my dad orders bleach from Amazon. Not sure what all the hubbub is about. That’s an awful way to look at it. The playoffs are, by their very nature, a game of chance. The best team may be given a bit better odds to win a given series, but there’s next to no guarantee that the best team any given season is going to win the Series. Especially since the three-round format began. If the Sox don’t win the World Series this year, that’ll suck. But that would do nothing to take away how fun this regular season has been, nor with how great the team has looked.

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If this was pre-2004 First to 100 Boston red sox 2018 shirt. Then taking such a fatalistic approach to winning the Series. And damn everything else would warrant. But the Sox have won three titles in fifteen years. I want another one, obviously, but that allows for perspective. Even if the team doesn’t get it done in the playoffs – which a distinct possibility. Great teams lose in the playoffs all the time – that doesn’t take away from what happened this season. I’ve seen great Red Sox teams lose and I’ve seen great Red Sox teams win and take it from me – you want ’em to win, but even if they don’t, they were still great. The fact that – to pick one example – the Impossible Dream season didn’t have the best ending possible doesn’t make that season any less special.

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