From his kitchen in Tacoma (Washington), Frank C. Mars and his wife Ethbel began their career in making various butterscotches in 1911 and built the global Mars brand today. Once launched in 1930, SNICKERS products knocked out the Milky way candy – the company’s first product – launched in 1923.


From 1933 to 1935, SNICKERS was sold in the form of a double bar called “Double SNICKERS”, but then returned to a single bar in 1935. In 1979 the company introduced the funny size SNICKERS in the country and now This candy is the best seller on the occasion of Hallowen. It has been reported that it took the company 4 months to produce enough chocolate for the Hallowen season. The SNICKERS candy bar is made of peanut butter nuga with caramel, roasted peanuts and covered with milk chocolate.


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