Hard seven soft eight shirt

Hard seven soft eight shirt

In life, in everyday communication people always have to deal with many situations. Hard seven soft eight shirt. Sometimes easy to handle, sometimes complicated and awkward. The more civilized the society, the higher the demand for human communication. Behave smartly, smartly, delicately, timely, effectively, to the degree of art. No one is completely bad. When evaluating a particular person, we often have obscene, scrambled, obsessed views that rarely detract from their strengths and weaknesses determine the limits, circumstances, possible evolution of the advantages and disadvantages. People are also susceptible to the rule of feeling “love is good, hate is bad”. As a result, it is easy to make mistakes in communication. So the first principle in the art of behavior is to approach people in a bad way, not bad. In life, many times when we are pushed into adverse situations.

Ways To Communicate – What Is A Successful Conduct?

There is the risk of failure, which then requires calm. Hard seven soft eight. Thinking right to the worst possible consequences (prepare the ready position to accept). It is the “safety valve” for every conflict, the key to opening the “heart door”. Intelligent, intelligent answers, using humorous language to criticize often bring about much greater efficiency. So when you tell a joke or a content response. Humor often makes the atmosphere fun. Regulates emotions prompts others without annoying them. Of course, it should not overdo it. The common law of humor is to lead the way and to make people question. The narrator should have normal intonation, then add more suspicion and resolve unexpectedly. In life there are cases cannot be crooked, harsh, subtle but to express his views, the attitude in a frank, resolute manner.

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At that point must be expressed directly to the main content of the problem to express the will. And confidence in themselves. For critical issues.Hard seven soft eight. It should not be too deliberate, making the listener feel hesitant. Of course, to speak this way, it is necessary to think carefully. In communication when it is difficult to convince others by direct reasoning or feeling reactive. It is not easy to say straight away one often uses the allegorical method. That is to choose fables with hidden content in accordance with the purpose of advice. Persuasion to tell the enemy to hear. The benefit of this method is that the listener has to think completely understand the implication within it. The story itself will offer deep advice. Not a storyteller. So there is no reason to be mad, self-centered or inferior.

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However, to use this method effectively. Hard seven soft eight shirt. Users of this method must understand the story in accordance with the level of the listener, if the listener does not understand anything, will not work. There are times when you meet people who insist on giving you unreasonable demands. In those situations, it is sometimes impossible to deny. The bluntly for touching a person’s self-esteem or for a person who not satisfied with one another and then resumes harassing. And that does not make the person aware of their demands. nonsense. So how will we handle that in that case? It is best to admit, then skilfully point out the absurdity or the impossible. It can also alert the person by pointing out the disadvantage, the danger if he kept the idea, closed his eyes. Attention to language should not be harsh but be resolute.

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