Is it a sin for a Christian to work on Christmas?

It depends. It is a Holy Day, a very holy day! It should be treated like a Sabbath. You should not work if your work is not necessary. As a nurse, I always worked Christmas, because no one else wanted to. Most others preferred to spend Christmas with their families. Not that that wouldn’t have been nice, but…
When I was in HS, I was in a bad car accident on Dec. 3. I spent a very lonely Christmas in the hospital that year. My family came for one hour. One friend spent 3 hrs with me. The rest of the day was very lonely. I will forever be grateful to that friend for staying with me for that long on such an important day. Ever since then I would go to a hospital & just visit patients who had no family with them. Eventually I became a nurse, so it was natural for me to volunteer to work Christmas. I believe even though I got paid for my work, it was an act of Christian love to be those patients on Christmas. However, if I worked at a restaurant or retail store, I would refuse to work on Christmas! Working on Christmas just to get holiday pay, would be a sin of greed.

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