Kap knee Trump shirt

Kap knee Trump shirt

Donald Trump is apparently still upset with Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the Kap knee Trump shirt anthem before NFL games last season. During a rally in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday night, Trump told his supporters that he doesn’t think the former 49ers quarterback is going to get another job in the NFL because NFL owners “don’t want to get a nasty tweet” from him. Kaepernick is currently an NFL free agent looking for a home for next season. Why the Hell does Trump dislike and publicly bash on Colin Kaepernick Kap, a guy who donates much money to charities, and raises awareness of issues. For Trump to oppose him I don’t understand?

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Is Trump against helping people that need Kap knee Trump shirt ? he should be appreciating Colin for his donations! with that being said I have my doubts that our own president who’s worth billions has donated anything near what this football player has and Colin is not even worth a fraction of what Trump is. Disgusting! This for every one of Trump Supporters that upset about Kap taking a knee. Colin Kaepernick protested racial injustice by taking a knee during the National Anthem. His symbolic gesture ignited controversy and sparked debate, revealing the deep divides that still split large segments of American society. But since then, his message has been co-opted and repurposed by powerful groups with their own agendas. Free Speech vs Patriotism, Players vs Owners, Trump vs the NFL. Vilifying him as a traitor or enshrining him as a hero.

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