Keep TeXas Red State Flag shirt

The Romans again took December 25 as a day of celebration, welcoming “the Sun God” – Feast of The SolInvictus. Many Christians took advantage of this Roman holiday to celebrate the Christmas of Jesus to escape the Roman authorities. According to God Christmas Day is a family holiday for all people have the opportunity to gather together. This is an opportunity for people to stay close together, maintain feelings and express what they want to say. Christmas Day is also a message of peace that wants to send to all people: “Glory to God on you – Peace for the underworld” to share with those in difficult and abandoned situations. poor,…

Christmas is also a day welcomed by many young children. Because not when on the street and in the house are lavishly decorated to celebrate. In addition, this is also an opportunity for adults to give gifts and rewards to children after the hard work of a year.

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