Love has no borders shirt

Love has no borders shirt

Are there boundaries in love or not? Does love have an age difference? Many have asked Love has no borders shirt question, and the shirt love has no borders has answered you. This shirt was worn by actor Felicia Day, promoting it. So what do you think? Have to agree as this shirt asserts that love does not have borders. To me, as long as you overcome the distance of space, that love really means. It takes time, patience and trust. When you love, you will not be afraid to sacrifice.

Love has no borders shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Love has no borders Sweater
Love has no borders V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
Love has no borders Guys tee
Guys tee
Love has no borders Hoodie
Love has no borders Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Official Love has no borders shirt

Look at this Love has no borders shirt and see, even hands are different colors. Then the message sent here is not only a matter of distance, not just a matter of time, but it is a matter of color, ethnicity. Show them your sincerity and goodwill. Clarify any confusion to limit misunderstandings. Yes, the two of you have enough trust. There is a story that, in order to prove love without borders, a Mexican woman and an American man held a wedding ceremony at a small gated entrance in the fence separating the United States and Mexico. The wife of the mayor of Tijuana and Mexican commissioner of human rights as a witness. The couple met in Tijuana three years ago. Due to lack of immigration papers, the bride cannot come to the United States for marriage. The wedding took place under the watchful eye of the American patrolman. You see, love is borderless. Buy this shirt, so that the message is spread more strongly.

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