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An individual pantomime is a Madea Stay out of my bubble shirt budget theater that makes very little money and succeeds on its own. But the Pantomimes are made by thousands of people across the UK and have existed for hundreds of years, so all of that must have a cumulative effect. A famous pantomime in the 18th Century would be financially and culturally equivalent of a Madea film. I saw a new Tyler Perry movie on the horizon! Actor Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Here, a super rich guy, rich man, acquaintance with friends in his film products.

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Perry is best known for the Madea Stay out of my bubble shirt series ‘Madea, with many characters played by Perry himself. Most notable is the iconic, feudal, vindictive granny, Mabel Earlene Simmons, aka ‘Madea punch. Perry, I believe, has retired his Medea character. Can we see a little sister appear for Meghan? Or another Rachel Zane genre character, albeit in a comedy? Check out this clip of ‘Family Reunion Madea on YouTube. Perry is playing Madea and her lawyer nephew, Brian. Perry also plays Brian’s father, Joe, Madea’s brother. Guaranteed to give you a laugh and Perry gets noticed in her portrayal of a southern black woman.

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