Need a gift for Mom? Mom and smart Daughter shirt (2018 new design)

Mom and smart Daughter shirt (2018 new design)

Happy Mother’s Day! You so smart, intelligent, and beautiful. The Mom and smart Daughter shirt is a thank you to your mother. It is a bit mischievous.

Happy Mother’s Day to this absolutely beautiful, smart and sassy lady I have the pleasure to call Mom. She has been a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, Mom and Grandmother. She has taken Mom and smart Daughter shirt on each phase of her life with grace and excitement. Her smile says it all. She might want to kill me for posting these old gems my Dad has been sending me… I think they are beautiful… Showing the tapestry of her life.
I love you Mom

Some ideas about Mom and smart Daughter shirt, hoodie, and sweater

Mom and smart Daughter Sweater (2018 new design)
Mom and smart Daughter Hoodie (2018 new design)

This sassy little girl turned 5 today! She’s been both a joy and a challenge all wrapped up into one. She’s super smart like her mom and just as pretty! She will be going to kindergarten in the Fall and I can’t wait to see how she does there. I hope she doesn’t get too bored. She’s already reading full books!

 Mom’s Smart Girl! Called her girlfriend who takes photography at Orange High School to take senior pics in our own backyard. We can put that money right in the college bucket!

When I tell you I’m one proud mom right now!!!! Congrats to my intelligent, smart, and beautiful daughter on her latest accomplishment of becoming a WHHS Devilette! I’m officially a WHHS dance mom.

Another Mom and smart Daughter shirt could take your emotions

Mom and smart Daughter Ladies Tee (2018 new design)
Ladies Tee
Mom and smart Daughter Tank Top (2018 new design)
Tank Top

One year ago this happened…Since then my beautiful amazing daughter has gone onto marry the man of her dreams with their adorable daughter, Fiona. And all their friends and family by their sides in Nashville acquired a fulfilling job in her Mom and smart Daughter shirt and is now getting ready to have baby Healy number 2! Words can’t describe how proud and in awe of this woman I am. She is caring, super smart and a wonderful friend. She is also first and foremost an amazing Mom and daughter! Love you so much

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