This is why people like Mr. Fix it shirts (2018)

This is why people like Mr. Fix it shirts (2018)

THIS GUY!! Who is he? He’s Mr. Fix-it, Mr. Dependable, Mr. All-Around-Good-Guy… and he’s yours. You love him. Should you buy a Mr. Fix it shirts? This is an amazing gift for him.

Why people call him “Mr. Fix it“? Maybe he like Mr. Fix it shirts?

This is why people like Mr. Fix it Hoodie(2018)
This is why people like Mr. Fix it Sweater (2018)
This is why people like Mr. Fix it V neck(2018)
V neck
This is why people like Mr. Fix it Tank top(2018)
Tank top

Happy Father’s Day to this amazing Fella!! He truly is one of a kind! He has always been Mr. Fix It for me, my biggest fan, my biggest supporter, and a wonderful husband to my Mama. He does everything he can to help me and my siblings through this crazy life from mowing my lawn, helping me plant flowers, mulch my flower beds with Mom, weed eat around my house, and remodel our house exactly the way we want it!

Never gets a break or a “day off” because there is always something to do (especially when your daughter lives next door) but he never complains at all! I am one lucky girl to have you as my Daddy and I can’t wait for you to walk me down the aisle and give me away on Friday! And love you to infinity and beyond!!  So I hope you have a great day, you deserve it!!

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy a girl, or 4 girls, could ask for! Our Daddy, “MR. FIX-IT“, also known as the man with the very loud voice and the very big hugs. A great laugh, not afraid to cry, affectionate, caring, tough (WHAT a survivor!!) and absolutely fiercely protective and loving with his BIG family! I love you immensely, and wish you a fabulous HAPPY 87th BIRTHDAY!!!!

Cool design for him – Mr. Fix it shirts, hoodie, sweater, and tank top

Officially a mother of a teenager today…Caleb is 13 years old!! So BLESSED by the gift of being a mother and thankful that Caleb is our first born. Caleb is such a loving, kind, hard worker, determined, funny, an athlete, has a great sense of humor, Mr. fix it, awesome personality and such a big heart to give…thankful he is mine! God has truly blessed our lives and family in so many ways. Thankful that he is God’s and that God is allowing us to raise and parent him so he can glorify His kingdom and be a man of integrity.

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