My house is an ELF free zone shirt

My house is an ELF free zone shirt

Love the list of movies and the time you took to write out the post. My house is an ELF free zone shirt. Pretty awesome stuff. One question: I noticed a lot of classics on here and nothing got a perfect 5/5. Was nothing really worthy of that? Actually a lot were really worthy and awesome, i am the kind of person who believe nothing can be perfect, at-least nothing created by man.

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Some of them were absolutely beautiful masterpieces and maybe this is just my dumb opinion. Thanks, it took me a couple of hours to write this but had to share it. I totally agree nothing is perfect. Since I do something similar (rate films after I watch them) I just decided that if it is a given that every movie has flaws, then I should be willing to give out perfect scores even if it did have some minor flaws. It just depended on how the movie made me feel in the end. I was just curious about your approach because of that. Love the list though, thanks for sharing! I attempted this once, and not even new movies. I made it to day 250 or so before just absolutely hate watching movies. I didn’t really get back into movies as a “hobby” again until about a year ago and I applaud your effort and success friend!

My house is an ELF free zone shirt, ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top, flowy tank.

For me, it wasn’t necessarily about the number. I just loved movies and had time to watch one a da, so I thought, hey that’s a cool idea or whatever. I also took a couple breaks here and there, and then caught up. But, man, some of the movies I watched just made it hard to want to keep watching movies. Over the last 50 or so I watched We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Road, and Thin Red Line. Just took all the fun right out of it. See, I think if I was less strict on the rule of one a day, and just set a number for the year, I may not have had that hard a time with it. I enjoyed the experience mostly. It was just those last few movies that did me in really. Those two movies are heavy watches. I saw The Road before I had sons and it messed me up for a couple days. I fear ever returning to that film.

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Yes. I can pinpoint the movie that ruined me.
My house is an ELF free zone shirt. It was Thin Red Line. Lots of people consider it a masterpiece. I found it mostly boring and (probably because of its age) a retread of ground. That has been done more interestingly or entertainingly. I don’t fault people for liking the movies they like. But that one is most certainly not for me. I love how on the 22nd you probably thought to yourself “oh crap I still have 30 movies to watch” and proceeded to bang them out in a week. That’s dedication

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