Nerd Nerds Floppy disk shirt

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Nerd Nerds Floppy disk tank top and ladies tee

I don’t think that’s common knowledge, but it may be something that he can approach. Now, he is probably a nerd, getting a lot of information, including bleeding. Or he may have considered turning to the Nerd Nerds Floppy disk shirt dark side before the end of the Clone War, and he studied the art of dark side. Another possibility is that the Nightsisters are knowledgeable about manipulating kyber crystals, and so Malicos learned it from Merrin. A very unlikely scenario, but maybe, he accidentally broke the crystals. Probably not what happened, but that was a possibility.

Nerd Nerds Floppy disk tank top

tank top

Nerd Nerds Floppy disk ladies tee

ladies tee

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