Official Crap Dino shirt

Official Crap Dino shirt

T-rex dinosaurs are having a stomachache. In need of toilet rolls. Well Crap Dino T-shirt, how funny it looks. Known as the harshest killer in the dinosaur world, however, how can Tyrannosaurus Rex hunt and eat meat in two small hands? or how does Tyrannosaurus Rex digest that huge food? In response to these inquiries, scientists conducted a unique autopsy on history with the most complete copy of the T-Rex dinosaur. The head of the Tyrannosaurus rex became a shock absorber to counter the tastes of bone and tore off its meat. New research shows that this dinosaur has the world’s most terrifying hook.

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Official Crap Dino shirt

According to the study, the key to a successful 7-ton animal is its large muzzle, two low cheekbones and specialized teeth. Rayfield explained that pairs of thick bone in the dinosaur’s muzzle prevented the compression and pull. The joints on the lower cheek bend and bend. They also have a damping effect. Finally, the sharp 15 cm teeth have a crocheted structure to chew the flesh of other dinosaurs. Evidence has shown that T-rex chewed on the bones of prey, but they did not quite have a good meal. “We found a fossilized T-rex fossil of shredded dinosaur fragments. Showing how the animal chewed bones but did not digest much. During T-rex’s dinosaur chase, T-rex’s brace was so impressive that when the monster bites the bones and prey. It feels like pulling a hot knife through the butter.

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