My dad was a Catholic but not a practicing one. ONE DAY LEFT Shirt He was a good man though. I pray that God saw the goodness in my father’s heart and in my father’s actions and considered them when looking at my father’s life. I pray that he does the same for your father. Why would a person who has the light of Jesus in him deny that Christ saved him? Let your light shine right? No, it’s just the truth. Like it or hate it it is the truth. It would have been even more uncaring for me to move on and say nothing.

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Good on you mate. I don’t think anyone would question your motives, only your actions. I’m an atheist and personally see no harm in what you’re doing. I don’t necessarily agree but if it gives you some comfort carry on. One of my pastor’s father was like this. Extremely against God on his deathbed. Came to know Jesus a few days before he passed away. Just pray for your father and let him know that no matter what, you love him. I am sorry you have to go through this. Why should a person who doggedly holds evil beliefs be bailed out at the last minute by another? Should we not take responsibility for the lives we live and the beliefs we attain therein? Isn’t it a tad too easy? Nah, being a dick about his life choices would be worse. Even I know better than to try to convert Christians on their deathbed. Let them have their fantasy if it makes the passing go easier on them.

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Same goes for atheists. We made our choice and we like it to be respected in times like that. Any other time I welcome a debate but I’m not wasting my last days on it! Then you also know better than Jesus who saved a thief while they both hung on crosses. Christ’s mercy is infinite. He can and does save people regardless of their history or current circumstances. OP, I will continue to pray for your father, you, and your family. May God bless and comfort you. I’m sure you understand that converting a Christian on his deathbed is very different from converting an atheist. If you’re right, nothing will change for the dying Christian as there’s nothing after death anyway. If OP’s belief is right, however, it would be the difference between an eternity in heaven or an eternity in hell for his father. Nobody is saying that he should make his fathers last day on earth miserable and try to make him feel bad, but he should certainly at the very least pray for his father and try to change his heart if at all possible.

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If you don’t believe in God, despite being good, and God is all knowing and all seeing and all powerful… ONE DAY LEFT Shirt. Then how do you not think your God is a huge asshole? He’s sending people to hell on purpose, and creating than to hold specific ideas and beliefs. I don’t believe in anyone being sufficiently good enough to deserve heaven on merit alone. We have all broken Gods laws, and any just judge must punish a criminal for each of his crimes. So no God is not a ‘huge asshole’, he is just. Besides that, he, of course, loved us so much that he sent his only son down here so that our sins are gone be forgiven and we don’t have to face punishment for them.

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