Posty the Snowman shirt

Posty the Snowman shirt

One weekend a Posty the Snowman shirt number of Criminal Incident Reports were submitted in our department for Stolen Property. One report is from an elderly woman (I will call her Jones), who reported a plastic snowman taken from her front yard. Ms. Jones weighed in on the description of the snowman, making sure to include details that made her snowman more valuable than other snowmen.

Posty the Snowman tank top

A few weeks passed. Ms. Jones has contacted our department for follow up. She asked an officer to be sent to her house. When the police arrived at her house, Ms. Jones showed them a letter she received, including a picture of SNOWMAN on a sleigh. The snowman has a Posty the Snowman shirt scarf and a hat! There was a sign on the snowman reading Hi Hi Mom! I’m having fun on my vacation! Ms. Jones is quite sad about this development.

Posty the Snowman tank top
tank top

A few days later, another letter appeared with pictures of snowmen in Posty the Snowman shirt various famous places. Our officers and detectives finally named the stolen snowman Snow Snow Manny. His popularity has developed a life of his own. Letters and photos continue to arrive every few days for several weeks. Ms. Jones was the only one who could not find humor in this situation. It is understandable that she is an old widow living alone.

Posty the Snowman sweater, hoodies

Posty the Snowman hoodie
Posty the Snowman sweater

At some point, local news made a report about Snow Manny showing all the Posty the Snowman shirt places that Snow Manny had visited. After the snow was particularly heavy, Mrs. Jones contacted our department to report that Snow Manny appeared mysteriously in her yard at some point during the night. Our department did not solve the case by finding the culprit (although I do not believe much of the resources were assigned to the case).

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