Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes shirt

Santa Doesn't Count Chromosomes shirt

See, it’s true that chromosomes affect your gender, though it’s not as simple as Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes shirt people think. People have the idea that chromosome XX = female chromosome and XY = male. That is simply true, though. XX males exist, as do female XY, and a host of other transgender conditions give you what the doctor will call Islamic vague genitals.

Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes tank top

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Chromosomes have nothing to do with gender and this is the ignorance that I mentioned earlier – in my experience, the vast majority of people have problems or are confused by transgender or transgender people. Gender simply does not understand that gender and gender are different things. The difference is simple – sex is physical, that is, it STARTs what you have between your legs. Gender is mental and complex. It has a mix of self-image and social expectation, but it is simply the range of characteristics and behaviors we expect of a Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes shirt particular gender person.

Santa Doesn't Count Chromosomes tank top
tank top

They are different on different things, and that means your gender may not match your gender – that is, you may be male, but female genitalia. Or female sex, but male genitals. That is the meaning of sex reversal and vice versa – when your sex at birth does not match your gender – called cisgender. This is not a controversial issue – both the Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes shirt medical and mental sectors agree that the two are different. But not all parishioners know it, and that’s OK. You can voice someone because you’ve never been taught anything.

Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes sweater, hoodies

Santa Doesn't Count Chromosomes sweater
Santa Doesn't Count Chromosomes hoodie

However – if you teach them this, and you provide the source, and they still insist that sex and gender are the Santa Doesn’t Count Chromosomes shirt same and are determined by your chromosomes, etc … etc. Then they have can be transformed. Because what tells you is their opinion is not based on a goodwill interpretation of the truth when they understand them, but rather a handy stick to defeat trans people.

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