Santa Grinch Iowa Hawkeyes Toilet Shirt

Santa Grinch Iowa Hawkeyes Toilet Shirt

It was a weird game. Santa Grinch Iowa Hawkeyes Toilet Shirt. BYU played very well, we were very sloppy and uncharacteristically weak in a bunch of areas where we typically aren’t (OL play was inconsistent, lots of missed assignments on defense). Yet, essentially all of their points came from 4 plays (Hornibrook INT, 2 long runs, and a trick play for a longish TD pass). We also outgained them severely in the 2nd half and should have won with better clock management or even just our stud kicker making a kick he’s quite accurate on. It had all the makings of a sloppy game vs a surprisingly good opponent that we still narrowly pull out, but we came up just short.

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It was a sloppy performance so I don’t want to say we deserved to win, but whether or not it indicates that we’re nowhere near as good as projected to be, remains to be seen. It was the only bad game we’ve played under Paul Chryst for what it’s worth. Holy shit they played a good game. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, focused, and did it. I rewatched it the other night and had to nod my head time and again and I don’t see Iowa scoring more than 1 offensive touchdown. I also see Hornibrook throwing 3 INTs leading to a very close low scoring game. {Iowa} wins 13-10 on a last-second field goal because of Kinnick at night. We beat everybody all the time, except for when they are in their magic mode, and except that MSU and Notre Dame are coin flips when not in their magic mode. We literally only had 66 yards of offense against Wisconsin last year. And in the past three years, we’ve only produced one offensive touchdown against them. Until we show otherwise, I agree with your prediction.

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People just see that we lost to BYU last week and assume we suck. That game had a lot of problems on our end and BYU played very well. But we’re still a decent team and I think we’ll barely edge out a win here. The spread seems pretty accurate, and I wouldn’t be shocked if we lost though. n your OP you gave multiple reasons why Iowa has a good chance of competing and possibly winning then you say they are gonna lose by 3 scores, not sure what you are trying to say here. I’ve been a Hawkeye fan to know that just because something should happen doesn’t mean it will. This is one of those cases. Would love to see Gags redeem himself for (what he thought) was his fault vs. BYU. There were plenty of other things that went wrong before that, but again. I would love to see his confidence skyrocket

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Santa Grinch Iowa Hawkeyes Toilet Sweatshirt


Whoever wins this is probably going to win the Big Ten West. Santa Grinch Iowa Hawkeyes Toilet Shirt.  I think that will bounce back as Johnathan Taylor really gets going. Wisconsin O-line versus Iowa’s D-line is really the matchup to watch here. I think our offense will show up for the first time this season. The Stanley/Fant hype train gets into high gear. Our D-line could be epic and Epenesa will be the next media darling after this game. It’ll be close (because of Iowa) but I think {Iowa} outlast Wisconsin 24-20. I think Iowa’s gonna win the west by just barely beating. Any potential contenders before getting their shit beat in by whoever escapes the west. And whiskey will drop 3 if not 4 regular season games.


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