People do not trust law enforcement. This SANTA SAMURAI shirt was especially difficult for me because I SAMURAI from a family of law enforcement. Sure there are bad cops but they are few. Most law enforcement agencies have a desire to serve and protect our communities. It’s sad that good is being labeled by evil. SAMURAI , this statement should also be considered when it comes to things like race profiles. Those who have done good to those who have done bad things.



Everyone wants to go home at night whether you’re a cop or a citizen. We need better inspection and better SAMURAI . Our president helped our situations. Instead he made our divisions wider and the SANTA SAMURAI shirt  insults we felt, cut back a lot deeper. I think there are many Trump voters who have experienced dissatisfaction with their choice for the president. However, a Trump supporter does not notice his negativity or they see it and like the cruelty and harshness he has shown. They cheered for his SAMURAI and his obnoxious remarks. They chant and will repeat his vitriol. They see no way to altruism and they are okay with it.

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There is a big difference in a Trump voter and a Trump supporter. We must be willing to accept the SANTA SAMURAI shirt difference though and be SAMURAI to work together regardless. We must hope they will go round and realize that this separation can be bridged. Finally.Trump shares many of their characteristics and some of their SAMURAI . He is basically a Wannabe dictator and he seems to think that in the US, we have an elected dictatorship.

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Trump supporters are a bit of a cult, while the SANTA SAMURAI shirt majority of GOP leaders belong to the political SAMURAI of Stockholm Syndrome, so most of them support Uncle Donald no matter what he does or says. Donald Trump is incompetent / incompetent. I can give you a link to the incompetent dictators, but the SAMURAI ones are in the eyes of the lovesick. Uncle Donald has some similarities in this regard, because almost every touch turns into rubbish. Pol Pot of Cambodia comes to mind.

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