Santa’s Favorite Ho Christmas Shirt

Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas Shirt

Andy Reid looks like after a nice dinner out with the wife, Santa’s Favorite Ho Christmas Shirt. once in his car to leave he says with much excitement “First order of business.” then pops his button open on his pants and loudly exhales. Andy Reid looks like your uncle that elbows you on the ride home from TGI FRIDAY’S, raises his eyebrows, says, “haven’t needed to buy these for the house in a decade,” then reveals 4 stolen steak knives and rye smile. Mike McCarthy looks like the guy next in line at KFC when the manager has to explain they are out of biscuits.

What’s Santa’s favorite kind of cookie?

Rob Ryan looks like a hallucinated future version of Rex Ryan that warned him about ending up “like me” the first time he experimented with drugs. Doug Pederson looks like a dad at a tailgate who when asked if he wants a koozie for his beer, smirks and says, “it won’t last long enough for that.” Greg Cote looks like the drunk guy at an NBA game who breaks into a horrific dance routine when he realizes he is on the JUMBOTRON. Jeff Fischer looks like an angry stepfather in the grocery store loudly berating his son to put back the bag of chips because “you know we don’t have that kind of money.”. Sam Bradford is the son. Mike Tomlin looks like the guy at the barbershop who sells fake air Jordan’s and timberlands out of the back of his Tahoe while trying to spruce up the deal by throwing in a bootlegged DVD of “The five heartbeats”

Santa’s Favorite Ho Christmas Shirt, ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top, flowy tank.

Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas unisex tee
unisex tee
Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas ladies tee
ladies tee
Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas v-neck
Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas tank top
tank top
Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas flowy tank
flowy tank


Mike Napoli looks like your cool older brother who will talk to the cops. In the yard while you and your under-aged friends sneak the keg out through the backyard. Joe West looks like an old west saloon owner, secretly plotting with Josh Tomlin’s ruthless. Gang of outlaws to murder the local sheriff. Andy Reid looks like the guy who fills up the office refrigerator with all of his own food and then explains himself by saying. He has to keep his blood sugar levels up or he gets cranky. Joe Maddon looks like a retired CIA specialist. Who comes out of retirement for one last job to rescue his overzealous son. Anthony Rizzo, who’s in over his head with a foreign crime organization. Bomani Jones looks like the grown Sharif from Menace II Society if he had not been in the wrong. Place at the wrong time while helping his friend move during a drive-by shooting

Official Santa’s Favorite Ho Christmas sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas Sweatshirt
Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas long sleeve
long sleeve
Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas Sweatshirt


Hunter Pence looks like the disoriented grimy guy who walks up to you. On the street to inform you that the reason Mick Jagger can’t get. Any satisfaction is simply that he keeps trying to get it. Santa’s Favorite Ho Christmas Shirt. Hue Jackson looks like a retired army sergeant who stands around. At the car dealership waiting for his 12-year-old car being serviced. Pointing out to the young salesman how to properly approach potential customers. Mike Golic looks like the uncle who gets too into the family Thanksgiving football game. And ruins dinner when he breaks the arm of a random aunt who was only pretending. To participate while nursing a glass of wine. That aunt, of course, is Mike Greenberg.

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