Sasshole sweater

Sasshole sweater

The sasshole is a clever combination of the words “sassy” and “asshole”. Sasshole sweater the dictionary defines a sasshole as “a great sarcophagus. The only thing keeping them from being a complete bastard and completely sassing their intentional humor.” A wonderful sarcastic, with the only thing Keeping them from being a complete flaw and purely their sass of intentional humor. “These individuals are the ones you love to hate and hate love. Sassholes are often misunderstood.

People who do not know they look like a bastard. It is not uncommon for them to say things wrong at the wrong time for the wrong person in the wrong context. Sometimes the tension they create is palpable. Sassholes are nothing short of a few, and no move to the ribs or dirty look will make them restrain the attitude, no matter the situation. Sassholes spoke up their thoughts. They are the ones who say what everyone else is thinking but do not talk to. They are very honest. Assholes are often the center of attention and life of the party.

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Official Sasshole sweater

They can always be found making everyone laugh, Sasshole sweater including you. Occasionally, you are the butt of their jokes, but they all carry the name of joy. When you are not a sasshole, being friends with one is entertaining. The problem of reality, it changes lives, even opening the eyes. You want you to have their intelligence and be able to say what you want when you want without being judged for it. But you know that the two of you balance each other. We all need a sasshole friend to keep things alive.

A sasshole is one of the best kind of people, and we can all use one of them in our lives. However, do not let the name fool you. While they are definitely sassy, they are not terrible people. They can only be brutally honest and do not dare to say it. In fact, in my opinion, they are one of the greatest people that can make friends. It is especially obvious when they are one of your best friends. You can find this shirt at our Picturestees website. With soft fabric, high-quality ink. Available in all sizes, sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXL …

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