Seth Rollins “SFNR” shirt

Seth Rollins "SFNR" shirt

I was hoping this match would catch us by surprise, Seth Rollins “SFNR” shirt. but no, it was dull. It didn’t help that the crowd seemed out of it. Ultimately a shame because we know both Rollins and Naka can turn up the heat. Yea SS every year since the brand split looks annoying with everyone wearing incredibly bright uniforms and then their normal trunks underneath. Nakamura looked like he was wearing pajamas. I was more impressed with Rollins, give him that universal and just get the ball rolling. Despite that being one of Nakamura’s better matches in WWE.

Why is Seth Rollins called the Kingslayer?

He is still really uninteresting in that ring like he barely gives a shit. I have felt that way since Nak got to WWE. I was unfamiliar with him in Japan, and he just seems boring to me once he got here. Daniel Bryan is similarly boring to me, but it’s more because of his baby face run. I’m loving the crazed hobo thing he’s doing now. I was disappointed in this match, but I’m not gonna pretend to say Nakamura is a bad wrestler. I just think the WWE style isn’t for him (which is entirely reasonable, just like not everyone could pull of a lucha libre style match). Surprised to see how much people liked this match. The people I am watching with didn’t think much of it. Ranged from 1.5 stars to 3.5 stars (my rating, the highest) with an average of 3. Managed to catch this streaming on the way to our dinner. Did not disappoint at all! Also as much as I know people wanted Dean to interfere I’m glad he didn’t. Save that for Raw tomorrow.

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This is why Nak infuriates me. He can be so damn good, like tonight. But we see this guy so rarely that you forget he can be so freaking good. Seth is always phenomenal and I’m glad he and Nak gelled so well. This match was really fun. I like the lack of Dean. Keeps us guessing as to what his motivations really are. I personally wanted Shinsuke to win. He had a good showing but he needed a big win to make him feel relevant again. The dude is hardly showcased on SD. He’s the UNITED STATES CHAMPION for fuck’s sake.  If he doesn’t get a big win anytime soon, though, he really will die out with the crowd. My theory is that he doesn’t get the pops his work deserves cause of the way he structures matches cause its so different from the typical WWE style that the fans don’t grasp it as well and like 3/4 of the roster are like wtf do I do but when given a guy who can work w/ anyone like Rollins, you get bangers

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I definitely think he’s had some opponents in where you feel a little underwhelmed considering what could potentially be. Seth Rollins “SFNR” shirt. the whole KO series was underwhelming and both have said they were disappointed it didn’t turn out better and it took like 3-4 matches for him and Tanahashi to have a truly great match in my opinion.  I wanted to love this match. Both Nak and Rollins are extremely talented, I typically love everything they do but this match didn’t do it for me. I like the ending however also a few of those kicks to the face and back of the neck were sick!

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