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Many who read my answer might be  Sloth Yoga Eff you see kay why oh you shirt alarmed that I am not going to come against exotic ownership. I am against it. I think the best pets are the tried and true, dogs and cats, rats and fish, even some snakes or birds, but on the latter three, know your critter’s needs. Having said that, I will answer without prejudice. Probably most states, but in most a permit is required. They apparently make really good pets, particularly the two toed variety, as their diet is less restricted. The three toed must have particular vegetation to eat, like the koala and the panda, and won’t thrive or may not eat at all if not provided with the proper diet.

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They must also have bugs supplemented, as they probably consume a certain amount naturally as they forage. Also, like most vegetarian type animals, they are healthy poopers. The Sloth Yoga Eff you see kay why oh you shirt cleanup could be daunting. They need something to climb on and tend to harbor mites and such in their fur. Pest control is something that could be a problem, as many exotic animals are not naturally exposed, as our pets are, to the chemicals of our lives. Also, you would want to find a vet well versed in their care. If your sloth is injured or ill, you don’t want the veterinarian guessing about aenesthesia or antibiotics that they can tolerate.

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