Stay Home and Watch peanuts T-shirt

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Stay Home and Watch peanuts Tank top and ladies tee

Mom had a series of strokes plus dementia. Near the end, she confused me with the Millie the Ayreshire cow when talking to me over the phone. Father succumbed to congestive heart failure. 242 was told me by nutritionist VA Telehealth for cholesterol three days ago. I eliminated everything in my diet and only consumed vegan protein shake, oatmeal, fresh fruit, green salad with oil-free sauce, decaf coffee, flax milk, oat milk, mixed fusion herbs (no black tea because I’m gone) and vegan with some faro or brown rice. Six small daily meals plus water.

Stay Home and Watch peanuts -ladies tee

ladies tee

Stay Home and Watch peanuts-tank top

tank top

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