Straight Outta Quarantine T-shirt

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Straight Outta Quarantine T-tank top and ladies tee

My neighbor with binoculars. You mean on TV? I dislike sitcoms and I follow daily events from local and national news. I love classic SciFi & Horror movies and I have introduced my G-Kids to a lot of them. They love it! I am one of the Straight Outta Quarantine T-shirt original Gamers. We are the first family in the block with Pong! Then Atari, Commadore, Nintendo, Sega-Genesis to the present with XBOX-One. The great thing is that I can still chat with friends around the world while playing. Testing for 19 has been and still is not sufficient to provide us with an accurate count of the number of people infected in the United States.

Straight Outta Quarantine T-tank top

tank top

Straight Outta Quarantine T-ladies tee

ladies tee

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