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What were the other things he tried first? If you have defied him and were not affected by normal discipline then he may be saying that out of desperation. However, if you are pretty much a well-behaved kid and you have responded properly to ordinary discipline then your dad has some kind of mental problem. In either case, be very careful not to defy him anymore. He may be an ordinary dad who is at the end of his rope or he may be some kind of crazy. In either case, be very very careful. Because he is apparently insane. That is not something normal people do. He is also emotionally abusive. I’m so sorry you are going through this. As much as it hurts, you need to find new homes for your pets. They are not safe in your house with your father around. Try to find new, loving homes for them or get them to a no-kill shelter or rescue. I know that is hard for you, and I know you will miss them. But their lives are in your hands. By the way, killing a pet is considered animal abuse, which is a felony in all 50 states in the U.S. Your father needs to know this. He could face fines of up to $5000 and time of up to two years in prison. We put a vinyl plank in our last update, it is waterproof for one thing. The laminate failed because of a leak at the dishwasher, then was discontinued. It was a crappy product compared to the vinyl plank too. The latching tongues on each piece failed easily, could never undo a piece and put it back or it would fail. Weak substrate. The vinyl is much tougher. Even the transition trims insert into a channel, for the vinyl you can take them apart again and reuse them. For the laminate, it just breaks in half, no reusing it unless you glue it back together. Hardwood has the same problem as laminates, water wrecks it, and the finish is not as hard as on either laminate or vinyl. My vote is that vinyl plank looks permanent. I used 3/8 plywood underneath to level the floor, and still mudded one spot that had a step noticeable at a joint, and it looks perfect. Yes, there have been times that I’ve had to. I keep ferrets and had one (recently passed) little ole lady that needed daily meds for the last 3 years. If my husband and I had to be somewhere together in the evening, she had to come with us. It never was that big of a deal. We’d just load her up in the travel cage (usually with a couple of her cagemates for company), and off we go on a road trip. Of course, we’d let our hosts know we were bringing them, and if there was a problem one of us would just stay home with her.
Upon arrival, depending on the situation, we’d either stick them in a corner to sleep or leash them up to play. Or a little bit of both. If their cage is kept clean, lab rats will be clean. They wash after a person has handled them. They make excellent pets. The only thing is they only live a couple of years & get a bit nippy when they are old. I would probably own one if my landlord didn’t have a ‘no rodents’ policy. Over the years, dogs have kept me sane, kept me alive and functioning, through a serious bout of meningitis, debilitating depression, a wasted marriage to a narcopath, and the subsequent collapse of that farcical relationship, the uprooting of a life spent in one home for 36 years, the betrayal of yet another man in whom I put my trust, breast cancer and two more relocations, the rejection, again, by my mother. Dogs are my angels. All kinds of people! My 5th-grade teacher had one in the classroom. A friend of mine has a couple. She is a full-time caregiver to her disabled father and is a great cook. My son had one, a pink female named Fluffy, for 11 years (she just died a couple of months ago at age 17). He adopted her when he was 8, and it gave him some credibility among his classmates as a brave dude, maybe even a zombie slayer. They are quiet, need very minimal care and space, don’t smell, don’t need vaccines or dental cleanings. And many are simply beautiful, colorful, and fascinating to watch. People who are curious, intelligent, open-minded, non-conformists, and gentle are candidates to keep tarantulas. They are not a pet for the average puppy or bunny lover will outlive large dogs, and are great conversation starters! e killed and then care taken that the next batch of coyotes never gets a chance to learn that trashcans and baby lambs as easy pickings.

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