Swaggy C shirt

Swaggy C shirt

Big Brother 20: Swaggy C Says “Not a Single Person Will Trust Kaitlyn. Appear in the show and wear a Swaggy C shirt. When asked: Although wearing a Swaggy shirt, Scottie is one of those who voted for you. Are you surprised by your decision?. Swaggy C replied, “I’m surprised. But when I left home, I was sure it was Haleigh. And then, when Julie Chen said it was not Haleigh, then I was fine, Rockstar was over and I was angry. How clever is it to walk around in a Swaggy C shirt all day from the minute you wake up and then do not vote for me and have a party think you voted for me.

Swaggy C shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top


Swaggy C Guys tee
Guys tee
Swaggy C Hoodie
Swaggy C Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Swaggy C Sweater
Swaggy C V-neck

Official Swaggy C shirt

The next question is: Do you have all these Swaggy C shirts before the show or are they just for cameras? Swaggy C: No, I had the shirt way before the show. I had 15 shirts at home before the show. To be honest, I went through a crazy break up so I was like, you know, I’m going to start doing some shirts and that’s all I want to wear. And then Big Brother called me and said that I was attending the show, so I brought them with me. It’s not for programming. That’s why when I  deported. I gave everyone a vote for me a shirt. And then the rest I threw in the crowd because I did not care about that point.

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