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OMG stop talking justsay 10-4 shirt

OMG stop talking justsay 10-4 shirt

Are you wondering what a “10-4” means? Yes, OMG stop talking justsay 10-4 shirt. T-shirt near me in the US. I can ask this question with my respectable colleague, who gave me a valuable answer to the question, “Is’ infinite dominance becoming an idiom or a common phrase, “which I posted yesterday, but I think this deserves an independent question. He, the respondent gave me the comment,” 10-4. Copy. This is a good example of how the phrase can be applied, and it will be understood, “with the question,” I can say “Palestinian territorial issue is an attempt at trying to conquer the “I’ve seen the word” 10-4 copy “for the first time, so I searched for the meaning of it on Google and found a certain clue. “Many of the 10 codes are different from city to city and state, for example, 10-50 in Indiana is a traffic accident.

Personally I mix and match, sometimes I say “10-4”, other times I say “clearly.” The truck driver uses CB radio to talk to each other on long trips on the highways. speed three Sometimes the conversation is just to pass the time, another time, useful information is passed between the truck drivers. The transporters have a way of talking to each other through the radio and “10 -4 “means” Yes, I admit “, similar to how pilots and flow controllers use the term” Roger “and military radio operators use” Copy. In the mid-1970s, the truck, CB hit popular culture, fueled in part by Smokey and Bandit, and CW McCall hit Convoy, even in his heyday, Most people who do not drive know very little “Ten Codes.” This site lists their scores, but they already know 10 to 4.

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And they also know the term “breaker.” Start the conversation one of CB’s 40 channels. For Ten Codes, and why 10-10 means. I’m done and OMG stop talking justsay 10-4 means I hear you. Rather than Otherwise. I’m not sure there are any specific reasons. Affirmative yes in 10-4 is just an acknowledgment, dry The agreement must be an affirmative agreement. 10-4 indicates that the message has acknowledged and understood. The 10codes date back well before the CB radio for the first use of the station. The police sergeant in the 1930s. And 10 part does not mean anything and simply has. Because it takes a fraction of a second for the radio to wake up early. And so the first word a message may lost. To answer your question about the “10-4” combination and the “clear” phrase.

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And the channel will be clear onwards. Pretty much like saying OMG stop talking justsay 10-4 shirt to indicate that you have completed and are delaying the open channel for your dialogue. It is more like “receiving and understanding” than yes. In a place that says it means to acknowledge. Okay, that is correct, and elsewhere say that it means “assert”, that is incorrect. This is exactly the same confusion with Roger that bothers pilots and controls air traffic alike. Both mean received messages and understand and sometimes mistaken for affirmations. means yes. If someone says, “Mary would like to have dinner with us?”. And you say 10-4 or “roger”, that means you got and understand the message. Not that you asked Mary and she wanted to eat dinner with them. If you say “assert”, that means you know that Mary wanted to have dinner with them.