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Excitable Nut Job shirt

Excitable Nut Job shirt

I would like to introduce to you my favorite movie, the movie Excitable Nut Job shirt. A funny work from Hollywood called The Nut Job. The lovely animal group – led by Surly Smart Squirrel – will lead viewers to large-scale scavenging. In the city park, Surly squirrels accidentally caused a tentacle: burned the entire winter food of the animal community that was living there. Because of this great crime that Surly expelled from the place where he is living. Fortunately, this squirrel and his buddies Buddy Mouse discovered a dry grain store. Thanks to it, Surly can live comfortably without having to go back to the old place. The fate of their encounter with Racoon, Andie, Grayson – the “heroes” responsible for finding food for residents at the park.

Why Excitable Nut Job?

With no other choice, Andie’s team shook hands with Surly planning to organize a burglar-sized drydock. Obviously, this mission is not easy when the team constantly encounters obstacles on the way to reach the “holy” dry grain. During that time, Surly also began his own adventure and unexpectedly found something more valuable than his original goal. Not attracted by the content, The Nut Job also attracted more attention by the voice actors include Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), Liam Neeson (Taken), Katherine Heigl (The Ugly Truth), Will Arnett, Stephen Lang, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Dunham, Gabriel Iglesias. Opposite Oakton’s Liberty Park is a closed chestnut shop due to poor trade. It is a place where no one looks sadly at the passing but is considered the paradise of animals in the park.

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For animators, the first target audience for the movie is probably the little ones. So the educational message was integrated into the chestnut 2 very directly, but not forced. For example, Cal Brunker created the situation where the mayor of Oakton intended to sabotage the park, where Surly and the rest of the population lived to build a low-grade amusement park for illegal profits. Not so many trees were cut down, but many animals were caught, leaving the environment of nature undamaged. At this moment, Surly, Andie and the other members decided to team together to fight back to the park. Time and again, all their efforts fail. But thanks to the persistence of the team, Surly’s intelligence and the help of the mouse, Feng was born with his friends. Liberty Park liberated from the evil mayor.

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The environment of the park has rebuilt by people around the world Excitable Nut Job. Regardless of whether the animals are high or low, the problem of eating habits is also a matter of ages. So it can say that 2nd chestnut has fulfilled its mission. They bring laughter to satisfy the audience, making them forget the weariness of life but still convey the message civilized. It is the consciousness of protecting the environment, loving animals, respecting friends and realizing more clearly the value of labor. Typically aggressive and aggressive character as Surly, because of impulsive temperament was accidentally causing the mouse Buddy seriously injured. But Buddy is always a quiet companion, always support Surly in everything. And that is exactly what the adults and young people need to learn from this film.