And so, four boys of the port city of Liverpool put on elaborate outfits instead of liking what they used to be and quickly affected young English people at that time. The group’s first album, Please Please Me, with popular songs like Love Me Do, Please Please Me or Twist and Shout dominated the UK music charts in 1963 – which was previously the location of the soundtrack. or easy listening voices. The subsequent singles such as From Me to You and She Loves You all achieved great success, causing the boys to imitate The Beatles’ hairstyle and dress style while the girls were crazy about “Fab Four”. .The popularity of The Beatles and the enthusiasm of public opinion formed the phrase “Beatlemania” (Beatles fever). As the arrangement of destiny, once at Heathrow airport, Ed Sullivan – a name of the American entertainment industry – witnessed the attraction of The Beatles. Ed Sullivan is the protagonist of the leading American TV show “The Ed Sullivan Show” (lasting from 1948 to 1971) and used to stand on the same stage with legends like Elvis Presley, The Jackson 5 or The Supremes.