The Earth doesn’t need ‘saving.’

As cultures and countries become more industrialized, their birth rates drop, and the evidence is the number of “first world” countries whose birth rates are already below the minimum replacement rate to sustain a stable population!

People worry about 20 billion people destroying the Earth sometime in the future, but the reality is that the population will probably level off well below that and then DROP to maybe 6–7 billion, and there should be no problem feeding and heating and cooling that number.

Also, as cultures and countries follow that development path, they eventually create consciousness AND excess wealth that’s needed to implement conservation, recycling, and more sustainable economies.

Other than Communist/Socialist economies, which, in the end, create misery and poverty for all of their citizens except the dictatorial “leaders.” A prime example today is Venezuela, plus a long list of other historical failures.

So, basically, stop worrying and stop listening to the mass media outlets who make money from commercials in-between the few minutes of talking which is designed to do nothing but scare you into an adrenaline ‘high.’

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