The waves are calling and I must go shirt

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The The waves are calling and I must go shirt  nature of the wave function depends on the quantum mechanical explanation you feel most comfortable with – or perhaps the least uncomfortable for … There are three main rivals, or classes that explain quantum mechanics. : Copenhagen, Hidden variables, Many worlds. Each person has a different view of the reality of the wave function. Copenhagen. This includes all the different ideas, but all of them are related to some kind of collapse triggered by observers.

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The  The waves are calling and I must go shirt wave function itself is not considered to be real but represents only what we can learn about reality; when we have more knowledge about a system, we have to update its wave function. The problem – or merit, depending on preference – with this view is that it shows that observers have a special role in the universe. So some people love it and others hate it like magic. Turn hidden AKA Pilot Wave. David Bohm, as suggested by Louis de Broglie. How can you introduce a quantum potential that exerts a force on classical particles doubling the effect of the Schrodinger wave equation ….

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