Trump no Seas mamón shirt

Trump no Seas mamón shirt

The wave of opposition to Mr Trump’s immigration policy pushed forward. “Trump no Seas mamón shirt” is currently the shirt much hunt during this time. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in mass protests across the United States to protest against the government’s tough policy of immigration with the slogan “The families belong together.” Participants marched with banners calling for an end to the separation of immigrant families on the US border as well as the removal of the US Immigration and Customs Administration (ICE). The fact that US authorities split the children of illegal immigrant families from their parents on the southern border with Mexico has provoked anger among American public opinion as well as a wave of denunciation from abroad. Statistics show that in the period from May 5 to June 9, 2,342 children of migrant families were separated from their parents in this way.

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Official Trump no Seas mamón shirt

The fact that the Trump no Seas mamón shirt bought by many Americans is very disagreeable with this policy. American people wear this shirt to express the national unity. Under pressure from the public, President Trump on June 20 had to make concessions, signing a promising promise for members of illegal immigrant families to reunited in border camps. However, the decree remains in effect, prompting many to worry that the White House leadership may reverse the decision at any time. The organizers of the rally revealed they wanted to send a message to President Trump. In addition to asking for reunification for immigrant families. They called on Washington to put an end to the detention of illegal crossings into the United States. And voiced opposition to the ban on citizens of seven Islamic countries. this country.

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