Loki interrogated him and his true origins made him fall asleep to Odin. In the end, he regained consciousness and ended the conflict between his two sons and continued to lead Asgard. When the Dark Elves returned and broke out with the Asgard, they killed Frigga. In the end, Malekith was defeated but Loki tricked Odin and pushed him to Earth. Because of his old age, even though he had escaped Loki’s magic, he still died immediately after meeting his sons. His death freed Hela to return to Asgard once more. Frigga was the Queen of Asgard before his death in 2013. She was the wife of Odin, Thor and Loki’s mother. She knew how to use magic and taught Loki. As a woman who loves her family, she always wants to ensure happiness for her family.