Yard and estate sales. You can get full boxes full of vintage and antique ornaments for a dollar a box.

I bought 3 boxes at one yard sale and it had 6 Kugal German handblown ornaments from the 1890’s and worth about 5 hundred bucks. Most of the time it is junk but there are some treasures in those boxes.

One box I bought had a book in it from 1770’s. I tried to give it back but the seller did not want nor care about the book.

Other ornaments we have purchased over the years (my husband and I give each other ornaments every Christmas) when we go on vacation. I little yellow cab from NYC, a lobster from Maine, etc.

We started a tradition of giving our nieces and nephews an ornament each year for Christmas. When they went out on their own they had at least 18–20 nice ornaments to start their own Christmas tree decorations.

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