The Beatles Monty Python shirt

The Beatles Monty Python shirt

Happy 4th Anniversary to Monty Python Live (mostly) One Down Five To Go in July 2014. The Beatles Monty Python shirt designed in a fun way.  The perfect encapsulation of why I love Monty Python. Both idiotically silly and hyper-intelligent at the same time. Monty Python (commonly known as The Pythons) is a comedy group that created Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a BBC television program that first aired on the BBC on October 5, 1969. 45 episodes were recorded. with more than 4 series. This drama has a strong influence on the comedy scene in the country of fog, such as the Beatles influenced the music. Monty Python is The Beatles – and the special film will attract fans behind the scenes.

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Official The Beatles Monty Python shirt

And especially for the fans of this comedy group The Beatles Monty Python shirt. They are a surreal comedy troupe. Who televised by the storm, making millions laugh with their bizarre sketches and inspiring a new generation of comedians. And now, thanks to this special movie, Monty Python fans can go behind the scenes as they prepare for their farewell concert in London. John Cleese, 74, Michael Palin, 71, Terry Gilliam, 73, Terry Jones, 72, and Eric Idle, 71 – as they rehearsed 10 of their eager performances. wait. When the tickets for the gig on sale, they taken in a staggering 43 seconds. It no wonder Pythons comedy heritage has compared to the incomparable influence that the Beatles have in music.

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