Camping shirt: I hate people shirt – Excellent idea

Camping shirt: I hate people - Excellent idea

I’ve been seeing this “Camping shirt: I hate people shirt” a lot lately. Not just this shirt … but on a lot of shirts … and stickers … and memes. The “I hate people” sentiment seems to be everywhere. I’ll Buy It. But, I don’t hate people. I love them. I mean, some people can be rude. Occasionally I’ll encounter someone who is clearly going through something I’m not aware of. And, of course, there are some really selfish people in the world. But I love people.

I hate people shirt – Camping shirt, hoodie, and sweater

Camping Hoodie: I hate people - Excellent idea
Camping Sweater: I hate people - Excellent idea
Camping Ladies Tee: I hate people - Excellent idea
Ladies Tee
Camping V-neck: I hate people - Excellent idea

If you get up and pull on your Camping shirt: I hate people shirt I can tell you, you’re going to have a day filled with lucky people. Instead, I say get up and pull on your “I hope you have a great day” shirt. I promise you’ll be a happier person. I believe it’s meant to be a “go into the woods and be alone because there is fewer people” statement. And maybe this shirt was the best camping clothing, but the memes all seem to have the F-word in them. The shirt is not a killing our earth statement. Its what I said. The earth loves people, otherwise, we will be here. She’s a bit bigger than us, and her temper tantrums are a bit more devastating than ours. Besides, A t-shirt can speak for what the earth feels.

Camping shirt in black, dark grey, red…

Sometimes it’s just a Camping shirt: I hate people shirt socially awkward people or people with social anxiety have. I’ve been wanting to get one with cats on it. We get so hung up on all the negative things in our lives. We need to look around at the good. It is there if we look for it… well look for attention. And if you cannot see them, be one anyway. I want an “I love people” shirt. Or maybe, “I have bad days too, hope yours gets better”

Another adventure shirt

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