Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt

Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt

Chris Brown’s black pyramid clothing line has been heavily advertised Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt is a typical shirt for this collection. This clothing line is not cheap, but to meet the needs of buyers, we have out this version. Although recently, Night 5/7, Chris Brown was detained in the US state of Florida. The 29-year-old singer was escorted into a police car immediately after his concert in West Palm Beach. According to Page Six, Chris Brown was wanted for a violent crime.

He was released on bail after paying a $ 2,000 guarantee. Earlier in 2009, the popular male singer has been in contention for assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna. The image of Riri’s facial injuries was shocking. After sentenced for domestic violence, Chris Brown sentenced to five years in prison, plus one year of psychological treatment and six months of public labor. Not long ago, the male singer was controversial because the image looks like strangling a girl’s legs weak soft hands. Then Chris explained that they were just joking.

Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

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Chris Brown Black Pyramid Tank top
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Chris Brown Black Pyramid Guys tee
Guys tee
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Ladies tee

Official Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt

From classic black and white to black and white, Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt becomes more appealing and cooler. Although notorious, Grammy-winning musician Chris Brown joined Pink + Dolphin founder, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila, in launching their Black Pyramid in November 2012. Both Chris Brown and Pink Dolphin Want their brands to considered high fashion and worn by everyone.

Not just for skating crowds. Chris explained that he chose the name of the line and his brand to show the mystery behind fashion. Reminiscent of the ancient wonders of the Egyptian pyramids. “The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art. We really have not mastered the art of creating a pyramid, like the ancient statues, so it’s like an unknown art. So I think my painting, my design, anything I do fashion wise not known to a lot of people. “Chris Brown.

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