Crazy shirts: cool t-shirt – This is selected ideas 2018

Crazy shirts: cool t shirt - This is selected ideas 2018

I got a late start to the party as life got in the way so horses were not Crazy shirts: cool t-shirt. Then I was finally able to get a horse again and in 2011. I started riding some of the endurance and competitive trail rides. Just like that, I was hooked! I went from riding 25 miles to 50 miles my first year.

Crazy shirts: cool t-shirt – This is selected ideas 2018

Crazy shirts: cool Hoodie - This is selected ideas 2018
Crazy shirts: cool Sweater - This is selected ideas 2018
Crazy shirts: cool Ladies Tee - This is selected ideas 2018
Ladies Tee
Crazy shirts: cool Tank top - This is selected ideas 2018
Tank top

Did I make Crazy shirts? Oh yes, I sure did! I talked to people who had way, way more miles than I’ll ever be able to achieve to get me back on the right track. Short funny sayings for me is one hardy little pony and unfortunately my guinea pig!
I started with one horse but where the Crazy shirts: cool t-shirt in just one? I now have 3 Arabs plus an Anglo Arab. While Tia is my go to the horse I do have big aspirations for my Anglo, Serenade. Time will tell if Serenade is on the same page as me!
Endurance riding can take you to so many Crazy shirts you never thought you’d get to see. The whole trip was an adventure of a lifetime and one I will milk for all it’s worth especially when I hit the nursing home wearing my completion buckle!

Cool t-shirt – Crazy shirts, tank top, hoodie

There are few equine sports where you spend so much time with your horse. You quickly learn if your tack fits your horse, what is comfortable to ride in and suddenly you’re salivating over all those crazy tack colors!

While Arabians are suited to the Crazy shirts: cool t-shirt they are not the only breed participating in the sport. ANY fit Horse is suitable for endurance. We have quite a number of breeds in our club that regularly do well! One of our 15-mile distances will help you determine your horse’s fitness level and you can build from there.

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