Donald Trump shirt: Nope – This is a new funny shirt

Donald Trump shirt

My Tweet to Donald Trump shirt. Nope, not just my opinion here  – have you seen his rallies crowd – have you heard them when interviewed? It really doesn’t matter to me what they look like or wear. The issue with me is do they know what they are cheering for when Trump gets them going. Do they know his talking about the rule of law? Do they understand he wanted to keep the 2nd Amendment and take away all of the others they may need the day after they cheer him on?  What are they really cheering for when Trump is campaigning? Do they realize he is making more money than they will see in a lifetime? Why are they really there and are they just like the Donald Trump shirt led by the pied piper to the sea? Are they really doing so much better with Trump in the WH.

Donald Trump shirt: Nope – This is a new funny shirt

Donald Trump Hoodie
Donald Trump Sweater
Donald Trump Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee
Donald Trump V-neck

New funny shirt: Donald Trump shirt

 Sadly, I think for too many it justifies the hate Donald Trump shirt of them…it is the license to do so. Yes, money is a factor too. They want that bigger piece of the pie. That time he mocked a physically disabled reporter I will never forget. That young guy was probably 100 times smarter. Yet that crowd applauded trump afterward. Like a pep rally begets a hold of their emotions and look out. They are ready to win at no cost. A dictator plays on this, and it is a technique of Gaslighting and controlling. Brother no more being an intellectual fair-minded person – no more moderation of ideas to be open-minded. Nope – it is the time for all REAL Americans like us to state things exactly as they are – we must save the USA. And yes I asked the President recently where the Donald Trump shirt does he/his staff manage to find that many ugly white people to attend his rallies

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