Don’t Be A Richard shirt

Don't Be A Richard shirt

Im hearing people say the sentence above Don’t Be A Richard shirt. And I want to know what it means. Dick is a nickname for Richard so basically, they’re saying do not be a dick. Today I found out why Dick stands for Richard. You can think of Richard as the “hard ruler” and the name of a man that Dick is a nickname for Richard probably came to for pejorative reasons, borrowing from one of the other meanings of ” dick ‘, such as’ dick ‘as in’ jerk ‘or’ dick like in ‘penis’. However, the first record of ‘dick’ meant that ‘jerk’ did not appear until several hundred years after its association with Richard.

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Official Don’t Be A Richard shirt

So what exactly are the meanings of the latter not known Don’t Be A Richard shirt. Is a slang term that is considered to be a bit rough to put on paper. Because of that, ‘dick’ means ‘penis’. Since people have to write things by hand, shortened versions of Richard’s are popular, such as ‘Ric’ or ‘Rich’. This in turn increased the nickname as ‘Richie’, ‘Rick’, and ‘Ricket’, among others. People also like to use rhymes; Thus, a person nicknamed Rich can continue to be nicknamed Hitch. So, Richard -> Ric -> Rick has emerged with nicknames like Dick and Hick around the early 13th century.

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