Draymond Green parade Quickie shirt

Draymond Green parade Quickie shirt

There are a lot of funny stories about the Golden State player, Draymond Green. It is a regular feature of the Draymond Green parade Quickie shirt to troll LeBron. As Draymond Green tries to troll Cavs with ‘Quickie’ shirt, but LeBron actually wins. This is a very humorous affair, but regardless of Draymond Green wearing this shirt how, But, as LeBron James proved, the joke is on you. LeBron did the same thing last year and it was funny to Cavs fans, so this is funny to Warriors fans. I mean, fuck that douchebag, but who are we mad when LeBron probably could not care less? And that’s all I said when Y’all beat me they were talking mad shit now they do not like it to the man to miss the bad ones do not smh James is still the dopest player in the world and I’m a Warriors fan but I keep it 100.

Draymond Green parade Quickie shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

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Draymond Green parade Quickie Hoodie
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On Thursday, at the Golden State’s NBA Championship parade, Green sported a shirt that said ‘Quickie’ on the front – with the ‘Q’ closely resembling the Quicken Loans Arena logo. The Cavs all season long disrespected the warriors, this is payback! Good for Draymond for being so subtle in his payback. You started it on your shirt so this year it’s just right for Draymond to answer back. Do not think U think so Sir? It’s just fair. Lay low and it will be returned to you. Cavs fan không ngắt tại. LeBron started this with his shirt from last year. He was quiet about it. LeBron did not need to talk trash like green.

Official Draymond Green parade Quickie shirt

Notice the use of small caps because nobody really cares. He will never be the player that LeBron is not even close. So he will be talking the rest of his career. He’s a hater. LeBron James made history period. green just a nonplay factor of basketball and all talk. They won but look who cannot stop talking about LeBron James. I would like to know where exactly he bought it from… I mean so so why not say? Lol, I have doubted it was brought here but if it was great- more money for our city! And here, exactly we sell this shirt. Nice to have you!

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